Pipera is located in the northeast of Bucharest, being delimited to the west by the Bucuresti-Ploiesti road, to the south by Pipera boulevard, which connects the district with Aviaiei area, and to the north by Erou Nicolae street, which connects the Zoo Baneasa with Pipera Boulevard. Pipera is separated from Voluntari city by green areas, mostly forested and it became one of the most select residential neighborhood since 1989.

Pipera is one of the most dynamic areas from Bucharest in terms of real estate development, the fastest growth due to the emergence of the largest business hub in Floreasca-Barbu Vacarescu, Dimitrie Pompeiu and Pipera area.


The name Pipera is known to have originated from the existence of some pepper plantations in the area. In a monograph dating from 1966 it is mentioned that the ownership made by Cuza in 1864 determined the establishment of a village made of 15-20 peasants. The inhabitants were at that time serfs on the surrounding domains. Their ownership provided the first nucleus of the current community. Later, after most of Colentina was included in Bucharest, Pipera was abolished as an independent locality and included in the village and Voluntari, the commune became a city in 2004.

After 1989, the territory between Băneasa forest to the north, the Pipera-Tunari road to the south and the east, the Campul Pipera road to the west, becomes the northeastern administrative boundary of Bucharest. After this moment, Pipera begins to develop, the agricultural lands being parceled out and more and more constructions arised.

Currently the area is divided into 3: Pipera Boulevard, Iancu Nicolae and Scoala Americana and it is in the top of the preferences for families with children, both Romanians and expats. because the buildings developed here are mainly villas, individuals or residential complexes, with permanent security, generous green spaces, swimming pools and playgrounds.


Here are the most international schools: British School of Bucharest, American School, Mark Twain International School, Lycée Francais Anna de Noailles, Little London

School, Cambridge School of Bucharest, Hermann Oberth German School, Olga Gudynn, Kids Kingdom Kindergarten.

Facilities in the area

Along with residential developments, here have been built supermarkets, SPA centers, private clinics and restaurants. The nearby Băneasa shopping platform offers Pipera residents additional facilities such as: Băneasa Shopping City mall, many shopping malls or interior design stores, furniture and DIY such as Ikea, Dedeman, Brico Depot.

Located right on the outskirts of the city, near the Băneasa forest, the Bucharest Zoo is a real natural park with a total area of 5.85 ha Bucharest Zoo is home to over 150 species and subspecies of wild and domestic animals housed in cages, pens, aviaries and aquariums, which mimic the conditions of their natural habitat.

Baneasa Forest covers an area of 80,000 ha, being the largest green space on the administrative territory of Bucharest. Baneasa Forest is adjacent to Tunari Forest, both providing the area with a microclimate with an average temperature several degrees lower than in the center of Bucharest. It is a suitable place for running, walking or cycling.

Nobileo Real Estate portfolio includes properties from Pipera area, especially elegant houses and villas, with spacious living rooms, quality finishes, swimming pools or gardens. The facilities are meant to bring privacy and comfort to the owners. The elegance of houses is given both by architecture and furniture or partitioning. Here you can enjoy the fresh air while your children can play in the yard.

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