The Baneasa district covers an area of about 25 ha and is part of Sector 1 of the Capital.  Nowadays, the Baneasa district is very much appreciated by the inhabitants and not only, the demand for buying and renting being extremely high, and all this is due to the quality of the district, which is made up of villas and premium buildings. 

The area is crossed by one of the most important traffic arteries of the capital, Bucharest Ploiesti Road, which provides access to National Road 1, Baneasa Airport and Otopeni Airport. 


The Baneasa district, formerly the "Baneasa suburban commune", originated on a portion of the former estate of Maria Bibescu, Countess of Montesquiou-Fézensac.

The name of the village (and later of the commune and the Bucharest district of Baneasa) comes from the wife (baneasa) of the 17th-century Ban Mares. The banker bought parts of the Carstienesti estate (as the village was then called), and after his death the property was increased by his widow. Baneasa never belonged to the Ghica family. 

What can you visit in Baneasa?

Top attractions include the Triumphal Arch, the Village Museum, Herastrau Park, the Free Press House, the Miorita Fountain, Villa Nicolae Minovici, Villa Dumitru-Furnica Minovici and the Museum of Old Apusian Art.      

Miorita Fountain, a monument with a special symbolism for Romanians. It was made of Dobrogea granite and was inaugurated in 1936 according to the plan of architect Octav Doicescu. The drawings masterfully illustrate the ballad Miorita, a true masterpiece of Romanian literary folklore.     

Baneasa Airport and the Royal Railway Station are representative of this area of the city and have a rich history behind them.   The first appearance in the press of Baneasa – Aurel Vlaicu International Airport was on June 7, 1910, when Aurel Vlaicu presented some evolutions with the airplane he built himself at the aviation meeting organized at that time on the former racecourse in the area. However, the French aviator Loius Blériot was the first pilot to perform recreational flights on the old Baneasa racecourse. The runways at the airport have been laid since the 1920s and the building and control tower we see today date from the 1960s. 

Leisure facilities in the area

Baneasa is home to Baneasa Shopping Center, the largest shopping centre in the country with stores from international chains such as IKEA Baneasa. Thanks to all its benefits, from easy transport to the rest of the city to the oasis of peace and fresh air represented by the Baneasa Forest and Lake Herastrau, this area has become highly popular in the Capital.


The educational offer in this area is very varied, many prestigious private schools and kindergartens are located in the Baneasa district.

The properties in the Nobileo Real Estate portfolio that belong to the Baneasa district are luxury apartments and villas, with generous surfaces, top class finishes and maximum security. Whether they are villas with their own garden and courtyard or apartments with large terraces, they are distinguished by elegance and high quality. 

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