Real estate investment

Nobileo consists of experienced consultants with relevant real estate investment know-how, providing an extensive portfolio of properties and consistently opening exclusive investment opportunities.

Our goal is to meet the market demand, which is why we identify opportunities for investors at an early stage and turn them into valuable properties to obtain an exceptional return on investment.

Why choose Nobileo

Depending on the type of real estate, the return on investment is between 5% and over 50% a one year.

The most affordable real estate investment is rental properties. Returns, in this case, vary depending on the real estate sector: residential, office, commercial.

Another type of investment is the acquisition of properties in residential complexes while still at the project stage. At the end of the project, the resale of the building can bring returns of between 15% and 40%.

Real estate development projects can bring returns above 40%. In this case, the amounts invested are higher, hence the more restrictive nature of this type of investment.

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