Modern Apartment for Sale in Primaverii area

  • 835.000€
  • + 19% VAT
Primaverii, Bucuresti


Property ID: IL 4.1
  • 136.0
  • 3
  • Bedrooms
  • 3
  • Bathrooms
  • 0
  • Parking
  • 0
  • Balconies
  • 0
  • Terraces
  • 3 / P+5E
  • Verbose floor
  • 2021
  • Year Built


Nobileo presents an apartment located in an ensemble developed by Nordis Group that combines a new level of luxury style with the best location in Bucharest, the Primaverii neighborhood. The building has 5 floors, an elegant reception area and a commercial space on the ground floor.
Family evenings and the joy of a place just for you are no longer just a dream. This apartment is the ideal option if you want a welcoming home, but at the same time a home with a unique impression.

A very luxurious building, designed with a modern vision, in a practical style, to offer you the comfort you and your family need.
This spacious, elegant apartment with a spectacular panorama is located on the 3rd floor of the building with secure access, alarm and surveillance systems, parking space. It offers you privacy, space and is the ideal option if you dream of your own oasis of peace in an exclusive area. The bedrooms are served by spacious bathrooms, fully furnished and equipped, with finishes to the highest standards. The apartment is configured to provide a balance between relaxation and socializing areas. From the entrance you are greeted by an impressive space, which can be arranged in an elegant note, with luxury furniture, complete with glass walls that offer an extraordinary view over the city. Compartmentation is the key. Large rooms, bathed in natural light, with top finishes, a chromatic in shades that inspires elegance and refinement.

The Primaverii neighborhood is also famous for its select restaurants and cafes, as well as for seating areas.

For more details and a wide presentation we are waiting for you at our headquarters in Aleea Alexandru 21


  • City Bucuresti
  • Location Primaverii

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